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Discover the AFIMO's added values, Appareil de FIltration MOnégasque.





AFIMO, by its history, is present throughout the domestic (residencial) market on French territory and in European countries. Our product range covers all domestic applications: house entrance or collective building (POI) until to the tap point(POU). AFIMO is able to provide a wide range of standard products and special products according to the demand of the market. The satisfaction of our customers is ensured.

Residencial products 


Residencial equipments 



 Residencial Applications 


AFIMO is present both on the domestic(residencial) market and the industrial market, in which AFIMO becomes a real industry partner. AFIMO, from long experience, is able to meet the requirements (standards, productivity, capacity ...) OEM or reseller on the export market and French. AFIMO retains customers on OEM projects and through the quality of our services (advice, reactivity, flexibility).

Industrial Products


Industrial Equipments 


Industrial Applications


AFIMO offers its customers OEM and distributors to build their own unique range or specific product, as the customer demand. with our expertise. AFIMO establishes with his client a precise specification: control and sharing of investment, R & D planning to finished product, establishing test efficiency, implementation of monitoring quality, editing a packaging .... AFIMO becomes a real industrial partner and development.



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