Standard Puromelt

data sheet


Our PUROMELT® through our manufacturing process, have a nominal efficiency of 90%, based on an average calculated using a particle counter. This efficiency is constant until the clogging of the cartridge and does not require a central frame. Without additives, rinsing is not necessary. A marking on the plastic film is prepared at the request of our customers.

Technical datas : 

Media :  100% PP FDA
Lenght: 5’’ – 7’’ – 9’’3/4- 10’’- 20’’-30’’-40’’…
Diameter :  ID 1.1’’ (28mm)        OD 2’’1/2 (63mm) et 4’’1/2 (114mm)
MAx. Temerature: 65°C
Micron : 1µm to 80µm. Option 0.5µm on request
End caps :   W/o , DOE, code 3, 8 & 7. specific to be described
Gaskets :      EPDM, Neoprene, Silicone. other on request

Lot of other dimensions for OEM programs


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