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Data sheet 

Suitable for higher flow rates >2m3/h up to 16m3/h*, depending on the quality of the water and the type of cartridge, it is positioned at the entrance to a building or in an industrial treatment system. It is delivered with a galvanized steel square and a disassembly key, essential for changing the cartridge. It is available with a blue or transparent tank

You could use 2 types of format i

standard cartridges 9''3/4 & 10" + 20"

- cartridges HD Flow from our own production in melt blown or pleated media to use a bigger flow rate per housing up to 16m3/h ( with pleated media only)

Please note: for the first assembly you must use silicone grease on the joint and the tapping, and each time you change the cartridge.

Technical Datas: 

Sump  :     9’’3/4 à 10'' et 20’’
Max. flow rate of use 6m3/h to 16m3/h initial pressure drop < 300mbars @5µm pleated cartridge HD Flow 
I/O : 1’’ and1’’1/2 BSP
Max. pressure of use 8 à 10 bars , 22 bars in testing
Max Temperature: 37°C
Dimensions:   192mm x 310mm / 650mm


BIG Bleu

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