Why to choose AFIMO


  • AFIMO in 2014, has 6 production lines for the manufacture of Puromelt, Carbofilter, Purowind cartrdiges. AFIMO owns the molds of our housing PP range.
    Our productivity is one of the best in the European market, meeting all customer emergency.
    AFIMO regularly invests in its machines that guarantee our production capacity.


  •  AFIMO, creator of his own meltblown machine guarantees a single process providing customized products.
    Knowledge of multiple materials and their chemical compatibility, plus compliance, AFIMO guarantees finished products compatible to market requirements.
    A sintering process and extrusion opens multiple possibilities to our customers for specific or standards carbon cartridges.


  • Our expertise offers a rapid response to any OEM project, reducing your investments. AFIMO makes your cartridge.
    Our product knowledge brings simplicity in the qualification needs. AFIMO say no to a poorly adapted project, so expensive.
    Our expertise also encompasses a vision of the market to get new opportunities of development.


  • We well know our customers, they are then we faithful. Constantly listening to feedback and requirements, each of your requests is unique.
     Responding urgent requests, AFIMO must be responsive and efficient.
    We apply the best, a rigorous commercial policy but adapted to our customers.

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