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The POLYSCAN AB, its beta ratio 5000, its 5-layer PP with decreasing porosity, gives it a high filtration efficiency coupled with a large retention capacity. Thanks to its precise range micronage, it provides a low initial deltaP. It was designed to drink water applications (fruit juice) or wine.

All materials meet US and European food standards

 Technical datas:

  • Efficiency  99.98% to 0.6µm at 40µm
  • 100% Polypropylene, pleating for a longer lifespam of viscous liquid.
  • Sanitization 80°C or with chemical agent.
  • Initiale pressure drop 100mbars@3m3/h per module of 10’’ to 2.5µm.
  • Part Number and Lot number marked on the external cage.
  • Meet EU.Regulation 10/2011 and amendments (EC) 1935/2004 & 1895/2005 – USP Class VI plastic migration. Validation Guide on request


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