Monofilter BPC

pdfDS (only available in french version at this time)

The MONOFILTER BPC housing is composed of 3 parts: head, ring and sump. Also a built-in By-Pass and Closing Valve.

No need to install a valve upstream, or a bypass when necessary. You choose by turning your head to the desired position: Filtration / Closing / By-pass. The depressurization is automatic, in bypass position, you can change your cartridge.

I / O are manufactured with brass inserts. Most often used in domestic applications, it is also suitable for industrial pre-filtration applications. It is fixed with a metal mounting bracket and disassembles with a specific wrench in PP. 

Technical datas: 

Lenght :   9’’3/4 – 20’’
I/O: ¾’’ – 1’’
Pressure of use: 8,6bars
Temperature. 40°C
Parts: Head and ring in PP – Sump in S.A.N
Accessories:  Simple metal mounting bracket

Wrench in PP


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