High Flow Systeme HHF

data sheet

Our High Flow system is the most requested by our customers. It is designed to replace according to the flow and quality of water, a bag housing. The filtration efficiency is greater than a standard as well as the retention capacity 4 times higher filtering bag. Its use leads to reduced maintenance costs. There is no formation of a "filter cake" and stagnant water getting to bacterial growth. With a single cartridge Puromelt High Flow can filter up to 35m3 / h (depending on water quality and micron).

Technical datas:        

Material : Inox 316L.
Lenght 20’’ and 40’’
Max FLow rate 15m3/h to 35m3/h
I/O : DN 80 Flange
Event and drain : connection ½’’ BSPF
Pressure : 10 bars, 15 bars in test
Temperature : 80°C
Closure: V-clamp. 
Type of cartridge: Puromelt High Flow
Fixing: ajustable feet in SS 316L

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