Absolute Puromelt

Our PUROMELTS Absolute are manufactured on the same type of process that our Puromelt®, but with a central frame to obtain a beta ratio 5000, an efficiency of 99.98%. The components are 100% polypropylene or, on request  nylon (polyamide). They may be disinfected using a chemical agent, please contact us about it.

Technical datas : 

Media :  100% PP or Nylon
Lenght : 9’’/34 – 10’’ - 20’’-30’’ - 40’’ 
Diameter :  ID 1.1’’ (28mm)                OD 2.5’’ (64mm)
Temperature : 80°C in PP, 150°C in nylon
Micron : 0.5µm to 50µm
End caps:   DOE, code 3,7,8  other on on request

Other dimensions contact us


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